Overview Miniclip game Elven Legacy: Ranger

Overview Miniclip game Elven Legacy: RangerIn the world of “Codex” it is again restless. Although, there was never any peace – otherwise the game would not be a turn-based strategy, but some kind of a hunting simulator. A carefully written peace gives the opportunity to consider the same conflict every time from new sides. And all would be well, but sooner or later, any thinking individual begins to wonder: for what, in fact, I gave another portion of earnings earned by honest labor? That’s where the trick lies.

Rangers – the creatures are troubled, and the usual commander incomprehensible. They do not want to stand at attention, the drill step is not trained, at the first danger they scatter in their bushes, and from there they throw poisoned darts into the enemy. In general, in the army of such keep – only for quantity.  http://www.miniclipgamez.com/categories/7/strategy.html

Experienced commander, who passed a rigorous school of life in the Codex and the “Higher Race,” will not agree with this statement. Correctly developed group of elite foresters literally sweeps the enemy from positions. Fear helps to break the most solid battle formations, and the poison finishes fugitives. And only then comes the heavy cavalry, the attack of which would otherwise be broken against the shields and spears of the defenders.

But this – in the presence of heavy troops. But try to imagine a battle that must be won only by mobile detachments. Moreover, on the side of the enemy, often detachments are not even mobile at all. With a wooden dart against full armor … It’s bold.

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Making add-ons is an important stage that no creator of at least some popular game has already passed. Not all ideas can be implemented at the development stage, and people are waiting for some kind of continuation. Hence, there will be an addon. Or two. Someone goes into the process of endless punching, as happened with EA Games. Someone is holding.

In the case of “KV”, it seems, the developers are still standing near the road stone. To the left you will go – you will earn money, but you will lose respect for the players. To the right – two more years for a full-fledged sequel, and the budget is not rubber. But the budget is still a good thing, but there is respect or not. And it will not be possible forever to speculate on one really good game.

“Rangers” are not bad at all. But if it’s honest, taking money for a set of cards would have been considered a mauveton. It was not accepted in a decent society. And now either the society has become less decent, or the fall of the dollar has affected the gaming industry. In general, meppack – he has a meppack. The plot is boring, the mission is more complicated than the smallest, and the emphasis is shifted. The rest of the innovations are almost invisible, if, of course, the original is known by heart.

In general, a bad tradition looms. That HoMM5 came out with a minimum of cards, obviously with the calculation for the sale of add-ons, but now the “Code of War” has fallen into this category. Is it really such a complicated process to create maps for turn-based strategies?

Miniclip games for freeAs in the case of the “Higher Race”, one tip: if the game likes you so much that you are ready to give money for a set of maps and the storyline – excellent. If not – you do not really lose anything. The choice, as usual, for buyers.

Pros: “Codex” is great, as usual.
Cons: And begins to bring boredom. It’s a pity.

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