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Free online games 2017Finding browser-based miniclip games online in Russian is easy – Google will help everyone. But interesting projects are like pearls among a pile of stones. The comparison is very accurate, because a hundred frankly delusional games for the browser in Russian have two or three really interesting entertainment. Platform Miniclip Games takes care of its gamers, so it offers only the best online miniclip games for the browser. And the best miniclip games for the browser – this is when you start, play, you get high and you do not notice how fast time flies. Below we consider the section “Simple games”, in which projects for the browser with a minimum of details and the simplest gameplay, but they really drag out. We will do this using the example of several options, especially those that stand out against the general background.

A hungry rabbit is flying behind a carrot

First – Running a rabbit. Have you ever thought about what a hungry rabbit is capable of seeing a tasty carrot? But he can go even to extreme actions. For example, to turn yourself into a shell for a cannon. And it is true, in the launch of the rabbit you will take control of the cannon, aim at the target and shoot with a real rabbit. The goal – a fun carcass of the “protagonist” should touch the carrot and thereby absorb it. The number of shots is unlimited, but the more of them, the fewer points in the end will come out. However, who will be chasing glasses in the entertainment killing time? Unless, with friends it is possible to arrange competition.

Feeding strange creatures

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On flying rabbits, miniclip games in Russian do not end – the next one is called Red and Green. All the same interpretation of the shot from the gun, but the task is a bit different. The main active elements here are:

fluffy animals with ears;
a gun that has eyes (why?);
lollipops for animals;
soft shells of white color.

Let’s make a chain – with the help of a cannon it is necessary to shoot white shells on candies, so that they can reach the furry animals and they eat them. This simple gameplay, which, however, can be difficult, because with each new level the complexity of the “delivery” of candy will change.

We’ll have to find a way to interact with blocks, boards, glass beams and other objects that block a direct hit on the candy from the gun.

No longer a rabbit, but the gun is the same

online games red and greenAlso, after visiting the section, you will play a cannon in Zombies, and even in winter locations. Quite an interesting interpretation of the famous series, which in its essence is not much different from a flying rabbit. Unless obstacles are invented new, original, requiring to reflect on their overcoming. As in other parts of the Zombie cannon, you can shoot live dead to infinity, spending on this priceless points. The task is to bless the body to the desired element at the level. As an obstacle, various blocks, chains, beams and much more will perform. For the browser, this entertainment is excellent.

In the section there are other interesting projects – be sure to pay attention to them. One of them is sure to be your favorite option in case you get bored in your spare time.

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