There are many very diverse MMOs, but not all can boast of cool graphics. It’s not very pleasant to explore a pixel world where trees are more like unidentified objects. To save you time, today we will tell you about the best browser-based online MMO games. It’s a pleasure to play in them, so let’s not waste time, but we’ll get down to business right away.

A few examples of games

Elemental Lords is an MMO game for the browser. You are waiting for four extraordinary heroes, real-time battles, huge locations and effective abilities. Rock, travel, fight with monsters and gamers. A beautiful image is just one of many merits of the project;

Drakensang Online – a beautiful game, offering to visit the caves, labyrinths, under water, in the abyss, etc. Ready for the fights not for life, but to death? Here the enemies attack in packs, so it will be hot. And do you have the courage to fight the greatest evil?

The Battle of the Gods is a story about a hero who is destined to save the fantasy kingdom from the attacks of demons and titans. Reincarnated as a knight, magician or archer, set out on the scorched earth and destroy the evil spirits. Perform tasks, recruit mercenaries, participate in the battles in the arena and fight bosses. Are you ready to meet cool players and prove to them that you are better?

The devil’s tower is an adventurous RPG, offering modern graphics, a variety of dungeons, competitions, daily tasks, etc. Only the strongest will manage to climb to the top of the devil’s tower and fight with the lord of darkness. Do you think you have the courage?

Birth of the legend: the titans managed to escape from the imprisonment and now they are eager to destroy the fantasy kingdom. To save peoples from imminent death, you must take on the heavy burden of the hero. You have to meet with dangerous demons and monsters, fight with epic bosses and perform many interesting tasks. Get the best indicators, and you will become a legend;

Cursed throne: not all browser games with cool cool graphics can offer to become the king of the magical world. To achieve outstanding results, you must swing, release the goddesses, improve pets, collect artifacts, etc.


On Miniclip Games you will find different browser games with better graphics. Some will be transferred to another planet, while others will be forced to fight with demons, monsters or skeletons. You are ready for dangerous adventures. Then you are waiting for unforgettable travel, new acquaintances, intense battles, memorable locations and generous rewards. Ready to be the best? Do not spare the forces, fight like a lion and trust only a little. Here’s a plan for a gamer who is hungry for power.